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Why I Rebranded My Business

Let me start off by saying hello! This is my first blog post on my new and improved website and I'm so happy you're here. Here's a little background of my design career:

• I graduated from The Art Institute of Austin in 2016 with a BFA degree in Graphic & Web Design.

• My work has been published in Austin Monthly Magazine where I was a design intern for a year.

• I was a freelance designer for 3 years and started my brand & design business full-time in late 2019.

I have been through a few rebrands here and there throughout my career and each of them I have showed people my expertise within my brand. This new rebrand I have created is completely different from my last two in more ways than one.

Let me show you my previous brands. The first logo I have ever come up with was when I was an art student. I was doodling one evening and created this brand icon and came up with the fonts later:

It fit so well for my brand in the beginning stages of my career that I kept it for a couple of years. My brand consisted of this logo only, 3 colors in my palette and 2 fonts. After gaining more experience and knowledge on branding and design, I knew it was time to upgrade my brand identity.

One evening (again, I've realized my greatest ideas happen late at night haha!) I was scrolling through Pinterest where I found a link of a font I have been trying to find for the longest time. I was so excited that I downloaded it immediately and started playing around with the letter forms and created my next brand:

This was the second brand I have created for myself and I was so proud of it. It's a combination of the letters "A" and "R" for the initials of my first and last names. I designed this logo for my freelance business because I wanted people to see what my strengths and capabilities are as a designer. This brand identity consisted of this primary logo and a secondary logo (which is the one shown above but without the "Arlina Roman Designer"), color palette of 7 colors and compiled a font collection.

After I left my previous job in November 2019 I started to use my fresh, new brand identity to start my business as a brand specialist and graphic designer. I had some business from January through August 2020, until I stumbled upon a graphic design summit about scaling your own design business. That's when I decided that I wanted to take my business to the next level.

One of the lessons I learned in the summit is to brand yourself for the type of work you want to take. You'll attract the right clients with the brand you have and will gain the style of work you want to take. In the past year, I have worked with small businesses and bloggers in the Austin area and I have realized that I want to expand to another level of businesses. I got to work.

After a week of working on my new brand I finally came up with a new identity that is beyond what I have ever imagined for myself.

I designed this brand because I'm ready to take on bigger projects and clients. Taking on new challenges will help me expand my expertise and knowledge. My new and latest brand consists of 2 primary logos (shown above) 2 secondary logos, 2 alternative logos, 4 submarks/logo icons, a color palette of 6 colors, 1 brand pattern and a font suite. It was never too late to do this for myself if I'm being honest here. I'm ready for the next chapter in my design career and I'm excited to show you guys what I'm capable of. Let the journey begin!




Meet arlina

Arlina helps creative businesses establish memorable customer experiences with confidence. She partners with them to set their brand stories apart from competitors using strategic solutions.


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