We craft intentional branding for creative female business owners.

You are a busy entrepreneur who is too focused on your work. We are here to take away your stress by developing the brand you need to thrive. Let us be your design experts and help you achieve the full potential of your business!

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"Brand is the story. Design is the storytelling."


our values


We believe in the power of treating our clients as part of our own creative family to have a sense of trust and a smooth-sailing workflow. It is our goal to create a community of small businesses that love what they do. Even after our project is complete, we’ll be supporting them on the sidelines like cheerleaders!


We strive to create a brand identity and website that genuinely encompasses our clients' brand stories. With that, they will finally feel professional, confident, and trustworthy for their target market to create a relationship with and achieve their business goals!


We love to work with business owners who are as passionate as we are. One of the best things we love to hear from our clients is their achievements with their new branding design. That gives us the motivation to keep doing what we love doing!



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Problem Solver
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Hey guys, I'm Arlina, the girl behind ARLINA. I’m a brand designer based out of Austin, TX, who focuses on identity and website design for like-minded entrepreneurs and female founders to gain brand confidence in their businesses who have a deep passion for their path.

I started as a part-time freelance designer in 2015 while studying at The Art Institute of Austin. After years of designing logos and seeing the success of small businesses owned by my friends, family, and the community, I honed my skills and built my own business and personal design portfolio. I am currently the Founder and Design Director of ARLINA - Brand & Design Studio - crafting intentional branding for passionate & creative female entrepreneurs to set themselves apart with confidence.

The main goal of creating my business is to help entrepreneurs set themselves apart from their competitors while telling their own unique stories with intentional branding. It’s not just designing pretty branding. Strategy is involved in solving my client’s business problems, helping them reach their goals, and create long-lasting relationships with their target market.


To get her day started, she loves to attend a good spin class.

client love

"I hadn't given the need for a new logo much thought but after seeing Arlina's skills and creation of one of my friend's logos, I knew I needed to work with her! The process was pretty effortless and absolutely not stressful. Arlina asked me questions about my brand, favorite colors, favorite things to blog about, etc. and created beautiful layouts, fonts and a final design. My dream logo and icon were delivered so fast and I love how well Arlina captured my style while staying true to my brand. I'd highly recommend her in the future and will definitely utilize her graphic design skills again!"


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Your brand is much more than a logo and a color palette. What it is really about is how you make people feel. We dive deep to the core of your business to fully understand everything about it, so we can design the brand you need for long-term success. Are you ready to take the leap?