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Why do Small Businesses Need Branded Packaging?

I see you, entrepreneur. You just got your awesome custom branding and you’re about to launch your new website and identity to the world and are ready to make some sales, but now what? I got you, my friend. Have you thought about branded packaging? You’ve probably thought about doing it but don’t know how to do it. Well, you’ve come to the right place! Let me explain to you first why your business needs branded packaging.

First impressions count, right? No matter what type of business you are, product or service, any kind of branded packaging will get you noticed. Giving your clients or customers a piece of high-quality, branded collateral will position you as a professional business, and there will be a high chance they’ll come back for more! Who doesn’t want that for their business? Get noticed and stand out from your competitors! Continue that connection with your target market after they finish working with you or purchase your products online or in person.

How to be as memorable as Starbucks and Amazon

Seeing great branding beyond a small business’ online presence goes a long way. When you spot someone sipping on an iced coffee with a green straw, you know exactly where they went. Or when you notice a brown box with black and blue packaging tape on someone’s doorstep, you also know where they shopped online. It’s memorable, and why don’t you want to be as recognizable as Starbucks or Amazon?

Let me share some statistics with you. Did you know that 60% of people who shop online say that branded packaging makes them seem more high-end and professional? And 40% of those say that they will highly recommend your products or services because of their packaging?

Free Resource: How to Create a Wow-Worthy Unboxing Experience

If you are ready to expand your brand beyond your online presence, you’ve come to the right place. I have recently launched a free roadmap for you to download that talks about how you can create a wow-worthy unboxing experience your target market will love! As a brand designer, I don’t throw away great branded packaging because you can tell so much thought and money went into it. There’s a high chance your future clients or customers won’t throw away your upcoming packaging, I guarantee it.

I created this roadmap to help you:

  • Give that first impression you’ve been dreaming about

  • Create a memorable experience

  • Stand out from your competition

Branded packaging is essential to continue sharing your brand’s story. Consistency is vital for brand recognition, so show up with confidence! It’s a strategy that enhances customer experience and loyalty that goes beyond your logos and online presence. Do yourself a favor, and download my free roadmap today to get started linked below. The sooner you download it, the faster you’ll be able to connect with your target market! If you have any questions, shoot me a DM on Instagram @arlinandrea or email me:




Meet arlina

Arlina helps creative businesses establish memorable customer experiences with confidence. She partners with them to set their brand stories apart from competitors using strategic solutions.


How to Create a wow-worthy Unboxing Experience

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