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The Reasoning Behind My High-Ticketed Rates

I call myself a brand designer who develops identities for businesses with strategic guidelines for:

  • Customer recognition and loyalty for a high-end experience

  • Messaging and positioning to stand out from competitors

  • Confidence and credibility for long-term success!

I would be calling myself a logo designer IF I was only creating logo designs. When I was freelancing three years ago, I only offered logo designs because that's all I knew how to do and charged less than $1k per logo package. After a while, I wanted to provide more than just a logo because I wanted to give value to my clients where they see results in their overall branding while positioning myself as an expert in my field. I got to work and scaled my business to become the brand designer I am today.

Just having an appealing logo won't fix the gaps and struggles in your business. I was tired of designing only logos for my clients based on their preferences that didn't convert because no strategy was involved. The logos had some intentionality, but they didn't connect with their ideal client and did not get the results they anticipated.

As I offered strategy and more services to the table, my rates went up. I had a call with a potential client a while back and said my rates are significantly higher than the client who passed my name to her. Note that my past client wanted only logos, and this new client wanted a little more than just a logo within a short timeframe. My past client was the first client I did a brand strategy with, so I was still new to providing those sessions and charging a few hundred dollars than the typical logo design package I initially offered. Since I saw my other client's ROI and increase of sales, my design skills skyrocketing, and hiring a rates are much higher than they were a year ago.

Today, I offer:

  • Brand Strategy

  • Identity Design

  • Website Design

  • Packaging/Collateral Design

  • Social Media Management

These are presented in different packages that fit every client's needs. Of course, each package has a different rate, where the foundation package starts a little less than $2k, VIP Design Days begin at $2k, and so on. My rates are based on my skills, numerous projects under my belt, and I bring seven years of experience to the table. When you're investing with a brand designer, you invest in time, knowledge, research, resourcing, and much more to bring your vision to life. So before you question our pricing, understand where we're coming from and see how we can elevate your branding to guide you to achieve your business goals!

Let me be honest with you for a second. I've gotten emails from potential clients saying my rates are much higher than anticipated, and almost all of them aren't even part of my target audience. They're not in my niche in the first place because my rates don't fit within their budget.

Please note that there are brand designers with less experience than me who charge 2-3x more than I do. Maybe I'm the one who can set you up for success! Each brand designer is different by the style and services they provide. Take the time to research and see which brand designer out there is the right one for you.

If you're not ready to invest, no worries, my friend! I'm here to elevate your business when you're ready! But if you are prepared to create a memorable customer experience, schedule a complimentary discovery call with me on my website's 'Contact' page to see if we're a great fit!




Meet arlina

Arlina helps creative businesses establish memorable customer experiences with confidence. She partners with them to set their brand stories apart from competitors using strategic solutions.


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