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Create a timeless visual identity that captures Mia's moody aesthetic to develop lasting memories within her services.


White Wolf Photography is a creative photographer based in the state of Washington. Mia Rogers, the founder and owner, is passionate about capturing bold film and digital photographs for creatives in the area that tell personal and unique stories.

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Mia named her photography business after an old nickname that her husband had in college. He helped her get her first clients when she realized she had found her true calling. Her clientele includes Pacific Northwest indie rock bands, fashion/art magazines, and a local newspaper.

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Keeping the moody vibe in mind, we utilized a dark, neutral color palette and timeless typography and italicized the first W for a distinct identity. We used rectangles for White Wolf's brand icon and a simplified logo to symbolize a camera. The brand icon combines the two Ws sideways, representing the mountain ranges in Washington state.

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Our solution to White Wolf was to create a brand that reflects Mia's photography style - moody and timeless with a friendly yet feminine approach.

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