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the wander word


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Create an inviting visual identity and online experience that embodies the friendly character and quality of her coaching and learning services.


The Wander Word is a travel coach who specializes in transforming tourists into travelers by taking life-changing trips rooted in empowerment and confidence. Jess' goal is to help you connect with the world and experience authentic culture through slow travel.

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Coach Jess founded The Wander Word after having limited travel and learning experiences as a public school teacher. After seeing the success of her students making life-long friends and slow-traveled their way through cultural immersion, she created courses and services for you to connect with the culture of your destination and live like a local.

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We rebranded all of Jess' online curriculum with user-friendly colors and fonts to ensure customer recognition. From her website to her free downloads, it's crucial to keep a brand consistent no matter what her client or student sees.

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We created an icon with multiple symbols encompassing what The Wander Word brand is all about. The rays of light demonstrate the letter W's, the unity of circles means connection, the 4-point star represents culture and compass, and lastly, the horizontal line signifies opportunities and adventure.

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Our solution to The Wander Word was to create a brand that felt welcoming and inspiring - to create a fun environment for wanderers to get guidance on how to remove any barriers between them and the culture of their destination.

"I was self-conscious about my branding before, but now I am confident and feel very professional. I highly recommend working with Arlina."



Photography by Kianna Notermann

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