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Create a brand and digital identity to capture her high spirit for her clients to have a sense of nurture with an elevated design approach to book her services and connect with ease.


Alyssa Kristine is an eyelash artist and ayurvedic counselor in Austin, Texas, encouraging self-confidence through nurturing and healthy habits. Each client's personalized look is created based on their lash goals and health that complement every eye shape and lifestyle.

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With her esthetician and cosmetology licenses, Alyssa cares about bonding with every client by fostering reliability and trustworthiness while creating experiences that guide her clients to become healthier versions of themselves through body, mind, and spirit ways.
Meaning transformation and enlightenment, we designed a custom lotus flower with eyes and lashes on the bottom to embody her ayurvedic and eyelash services.

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We delivered a pastel yet earthy color palette with elegant fonts to reflect the environment Alyssa displays at her studio for her clients to feel relaxed with a sense of belonging.


Alyssa's mission is to give women the confidence to conquer their day. Our solution was to create a user-friendly digital brand identity that encompasses her style and services to serve her external and internal beauty and health knowledge to its fullest potential.